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    Base Combat

    Post by Admin on Mon Feb 11, 2013 10:31 am

    If two players' spiritual pressure is equal, they both have 90% chance to block an incoming attack. Every 100% of spiritual pressure more you have than your enemy, your chance of hitting the enemy increases by 5%, so for eg. if you have 300 SP and your enemy has 100 SP you have 55% chance to hit him when he's dodging, and 75% when he is blocking, when you are aiming for the chest. When you have 100% more spiritual pressure, you will deal 10% more damage, if you have 55% more spiritual pressure, you will deal 6% more damage and so on. Treat spiritual pressure, as an overall multiplier.

    You have 70% chance of dodging an incoming attack, with the same spiritual pressure multiplier rule. If you manage to succesfully dodge, the chance of hitting your target is increased by 100% unless the enemy moves before you hit him. It is known as counter attack. Also, you can attack different body types. If you strike for an arm, the block rate decreases to 60%, and the dodge rate, is decreased to 60%, but you deal 2x less damage. If you strike for the chest, both rates stay the same, and so does the base damage, if you aim for the head, the block rate of the enemy increases to 95%, and the dodge rate increases to 75%, but your damage delt increases by 100%. Legs have the same effect as arms.

    You have 10% chance of cutting someone's limb off while attacking it. If your enemy has 2x more spiritual pressure, the chances decrease 2x, if you have twice as much spiritual pressure as your enemy, it increases by 20%. If you cut Someone's arm, all his damage delt and block rate is decreased by 100%, if you cut his leg, his dodge rate dicreases by 100%

    If both players strke at once, and have equal spiritual pressure, it is 50/50 chance of who will deal the damage. If one's spiritual pressure is higher, the chances increase by the same rate, and the damage will increase by 20% of the rate.

    When a player stabs the opponent, the chances of bocking decrease by 300%, the chance of dodging increae by 200%, and the damage takes decreases by 250%

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