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    Ace "Belphegor" Seraphim


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    Ace "Belphegor" Seraphim

    Post by SaintBelphegor on Fri May 31, 2013 1:15 am

    Age: 722
    Race: Shinigami
    Genger: Male
    DOB: November 4th
    Brief character description: A self-satisfied smirk eternally exist across his face. On the outside Ace appears to be a lazy, ambition-less shinigami who is never afraid to make a joke at the most inappropriate moment. He loves eating delicious food and taking long naps afterwards. Among his peers he is also known for being a prankster. In the most trying and dire circumstances Ace's true personality comes through known as "Belphegor." Intense, quiet, clever, solemn, bloodthirsty, and psychopathic best describe the true monster hidden behind the social mask that is Ace "Belphegor" Seraphim.

    Health: 170
    Spiritual Energy: 80

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