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    Combat Rules


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    Combat Rules

    Post by Admin on Mon Feb 11, 2013 4:20 am

    Combat is a very important aspect ofthis forum, which means it's rules are also important, so if you do not want to ruin fun for yourself and the others, please follow these rules stricktly.

    When you are about to attack, describe the attack you are performing, without predicting the effect. For eg. "I flashstepped behind Ulquiorra, and attempted to slash him with my blade." After that happens, it will Be the enemie's oppurtunity to write a defencive/counter attack move. After all of the members finish describing their moves, the moderator/administrator describes the effect and the stats after a turn. It should look something like this:

    Ichigo: "Let's end this Ulquiorra
    . Ichigo used a quick flashstep appearing behind ulquiorra, then swinging his sword back as he charged a cloud of black energy"

    Ulquiorra: Hmph. This pity attack will not affect me. Ulquiorra turns around before the getsuga tenshou fires, then places his hand in a guarding position, watching the wave of energy rushing through the air, cleaning the grounds of dust"

    Administrator: *A big explosion created a cloud of dust covering them both with sand. As the dust faints away, an image of unharmed Ulquiorra, and unharmed Ichigo in his fighting stance appears. The attak was unsuccesful*

    Spiritual Energy:

    Spiritual Energy:

    During he battle, as the players take damage, their health is drained. Unless attacked by someone else, after the combat ends, player's health is regenerated, same with Spiritual Energy.

    Each turn is started by another enemy, so if p1 posted first in the first turn, p2 will have to post first in the secound turn

    If a player get's killed, his account will be deleted immediatly.

    If during a battle, one does not get a response within 12 hours, the turn will skip, making the player that didn't response loose their turn.[/b]

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