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    Skill List - Quincy


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    Skill List - Quincy

    Post by Admin on Mon Feb 11, 2013 10:04 am

    Key: [Name] - [Description] - [Requirements to learn] - [Effect]


    Archery: It is the most used form of combat among the Quincy. Since they're still human, maintaining a distance from highly dangerous Hollows as well as launching numerous attacks on multiple opponents gives them a great advantage offensively and defensively. 100 SE - 10% chance to cancel out a long distance attack which costs less than 500 SE. 10% of chance to dodge if the spiritual pressures are equal.

    Ginto: A capsule-shaped tool used by Quincies to store their spiritual energy.It is an antiquated tool, but the use of it allows Quincies to perform certain techniques. - SE 200 - Increases spiritual pressure by 10% for 4 turns.

    Hirenkyaku: An advanced Quincy moving technique. It allows for high- speed movements by riding on the flow of reishi created below the user's feet. SE - 250 - Dodge rate increased by 100%

    Blut: A Quincy ability that gives one inhuman defensive and offensive capability. By making reishi flow into their blood vessels they increase their attack and defense power drastically. Blut is significantly dangerous but it has one big flaw, the two forms of Blut for attack and defense work using two different reishi systems, so they cannot be used at the same time. - 500 SE - Increase Health or Spiritual pressure by 50% for two turns.

    Ransotengai: lit. "heavenly wild puppet suit", "disheveled paradise puppet: This is a high-level technique that allows the user to control their body parts using strings of spirit energy controlled by their brain, forming lines or strings out of countless reishi. By using this technique, the user can control their body as one would a puppet, allowing them to move freely despite paralysis, broken limbs, or any other force that would impede normal movement. - 700 SE - Ignores any paralisys Effect.

    Quincy: Letzt Stil: is the last resort for a Quincy reached after removing the Sanrei Glove. It gives the user a tremendous amount of power, but at the price of loss of their powers upon its completion. 400 SE - Increases Health and Spiritual Pressure by 500% for 10 turns. After that, the Health and spiritual Energy are reversed to 100, spiritual pressure is reversed to 500.

    Kirchenlied: Sankt Zwinger: A powerful Quincy spell that creates and area of reishi shaped with countless Quincy cr

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